Exclusion Zone

Whenever the logo is in use, it should be surrounded with clear space to ensure its visibility, legibility and impact.

To achieve this, a minimum clear space has been created based on the emblem width is proportionally squared. This is the exclusion zone from other graphic elements of which could invade this area.

A. For print use, the clear space is half of the emblem size.
B. For digital use, the clear space is a quarter of the emblem size.

A. The print minimum protection zone

B. The digital minimum protection zone

The Logo


In this primary logo, the emblem is always placed on the right where the Ministry and country in Arabic and English are always positioned on the left side of the emblem.

(1) Full colour logo on white background
The standard logo should be used in the first instance whenever possible.

(2) Reversed logo
Always use the reversed version of the logo when placing it on primary colour backgrounds.

(3 / 4) Black and white logos
It is strictly forbidden to use the black logo. The purpose of this is to share with production companies when engraving, embossing or debossing is required.