Government Brand Assets

The Brand Identity Platform of the State of Qatar


The State of Qatar’s brand identity will define the manner in which it presents itself to the public‭.

To build trust and brand recognition among the public‭, ‬all government entities must communicate a consistent and clear brand identity‭.‬

The Emblem

The national coat of arms serves as the State emblem and as the highest visual symbol of Qatar. As well as reflecting Qatar’s unique history, the national coat of arms is an identity that embraces the future and distinguishes Qatar from other countries.

The State of Qatar has upgraded its national emblem to help create a coherent identity, symbolising Qatar’s national unity and vision for future generations. Designed to evoke a spirit of togetherness and inspire trust, the new emblem conveys to the citizens and residents of Qatar the message that we are one state and one government. The new emblem is made up of the four key elements of Qatar’s history: the sea, the sword, the palm and the dhow – each of which carries a proud part of Qatar’s rich history, and a nod to the future.

The usage of the emblem itself is strictly forbidden with some exceptions.

The usage and production of the emblem could only be used in items showcased in this guidelines document. For the usage of the emblem in any other purpose or item please contact


Master Brand Guidelines

  • 01. Brand Identity
  • 02. Brand Marks
  • 03. Colours
  • 04. Typography
  • 05. Iconography
  • 06. Accessibility

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