The Coat of Arms of the State of Qatar depicts a variety of meanings and values of different geographical and cultural connotations. It reflects an interactive and harmonious interface between wild and marine lives. It also depicts the palm tree height and its sense of giving, recalling of Arab mightiest swords, the sense of dignity and safe haven.

— Amiri Diwan, Coat of Arms of the State of Qatar

“We have been plighted by many serious adversities​. Yet that has neither weakened our firm will nor stances​. We have shown resilience and patience despite catastrophic plights. Yes, our heads are glistening with grey,but our hearts remain fearless.​”

​From “Ka’bat Almdh’yom”
(“A haven for the oppressed”)​
By Sheikh Jassem Bin Mohammad Al Thani​

The palm tree

Two palm trees were added on the top side of the emblem. The design of the palm tree was inspired by a tree on the farm of HH the late Father Amir Sheikh Khalifa bin Hamad Al Thani in Al Ashra area. It also acts as a sign of Qatari leadership’s interest in palm trees, symbolizing abundance and generosity.

The two swords

Since ancient times, Qataris have been known for and associated with their pride in the sword. Passed down from generation to generation, the sword was used to defend land and honour, and, coupled with the wisdom of its owner, stood as a symbol of courage and strength. There are several impactful songs and poems inspired by the sword that describe it beautifully. The two swords make up the base of the emblem. The sword was redesigned to be as close as possible to the original description of the Founder’s sword.

The Jalbout – Fath al-Khair

The name Fath al-Khair was given to this dhow for bringing goodness. It is the first traditional wooden, motor-powered ship in the history of the State of Qatar. Built in 1900 and was usually used for pearl diving and trading trips. The dhow (Jalbout) is positioned on the top left of the emblem. Its triangular-shaped sail is distinguishable by its stripes, symbolising how Qatar’s flag flutters in the seas, inspiring pride, honour and a sense of belonging to the nation.